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Richard Blunden


Chief Executive Office

About Me:

I am Rich and I am the CEO. I've been with the business for nearly two and half years.

My role is very much conductor of the Monkey Puzzle orchestra.

I support you by making sure that we have the right people, environment and resources to be the very best franchisor that we can be, thus supporting you across the board to be the best franchisee that you can be and to fulfil your potential in your nursery and local area. I believe that by creating, empowering and developing the right people and structure at head office, we can have a significant impact on how we support you and join you in partnership on your own journey with the brand as a business owner in your own right.

Judge me by my actions and not my words. Our trajectory is very clear and we are doing what we say we're going to do. Our growth and development over the last few years has been incredible and I am confident that we have the very best head office team, driven by clarity of vision and a commitment as to how we show up.